Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dipika Padukone Sex Scandal With Upen Patel Who is The Boy Friend of Tabu

It is said that three years back Deepika with a dream to become a star started her film career as a small star, in some modeling ads and also some adult films. While acting in a adult thriller, she happened to meet a guy named Saxena and it was he, who offered her a photo shoot with Upen patel who was a hot and happening model after Milind Solomon. She acted with him is a bedroom inner wear and also in a sexy and sleazy night suit ad film. It was said that unable to control the sexual excitation they both had sex on the film sets under the wraps of bed sheets. Then from then on for about three months Deepika was having a live in relation ship with Saxena. This happened to come into the notice of her parents. She immediately backed off from saxena and then joined Anupoam Kher’s acting school. There, she was screen tested for ‘Om Shanti Om’ and is a star now. 
After budding as an actress in Bollywood, Deepika dated a model and then Ranbir. She then dumped him for Dhoni who was the winning team’s captain a few months ago. When Dhoni realized her past he cleverly evaded her and then poor Yuvraj Singh was the target of Deepika. She dated him seriously for about a month and when she felt that he was little dominating and is not going to entertain her foxing; she immediately shifted to Ranbir Kapoor again. 
She immediately called Upen and enquired about these and when he said that these photos were not morphed, she immediately ended her relation ship with him. It is reported that Tabu used to get sexual pleasure fro Upen patel thrice every week and apparently love blossomed between the two some weeks ago. But now all is over for Upen. 
Coming back to Deepika, now the buzz in Bollywood is that Deepika who has fetched a Yash Raj Films and another top banner film is all due to her sexual favors to Aditya Chopra. This again ignited another controversy as Rani Mukerji who is planning to marry Aditya is now considering her decision again. 
So, Deepika Padukone and Upen patel sex photos are making the whole Bollywood Shattered and it is said that many hearts are yet to break.
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  1. Deepika has every thing in her which a person needs in a female. she will always have plenty of men ready for her.Even I like her n cand do any thing get her