Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dipika Padukone Sex Scandal With Upen Patel Who is The Boy Friend of Tabu

It is said that three years back Deepika with a dream to become a star started her film career as a small star, in some modeling ads and also some adult films. While acting in a adult thriller, she happened to meet a guy named Saxena and it was he, who offered her a photo shoot with Upen patel who was a hot and happening model after Milind Solomon. She acted with him is a bedroom inner wear and also in a sexy and sleazy night suit ad film. It was said that unable to control the sexual excitation they both had sex on the film sets under the wraps of bed sheets. Then from then on for about three months Deepika was having a live in relation ship with Saxena. This happened to come into the notice of her parents. She immediately backed off from saxena and then joined Anupoam Kher’s acting school. There, she was screen tested for ‘Om Shanti Om’ and is a star now. 
After budding as an actress in Bollywood, Deepika dated a model and then Ranbir. She then dumped him for Dhoni who was the winning team’s captain a few months ago. When Dhoni realized her past he cleverly evaded her and then poor Yuvraj Singh was the target of Deepika. She dated him seriously for about a month and when she felt that he was little dominating and is not going to entertain her foxing; she immediately shifted to Ranbir Kapoor again. 
She immediately called Upen and enquired about these and when he said that these photos were not morphed, she immediately ended her relation ship with him. It is reported that Tabu used to get sexual pleasure fro Upen patel thrice every week and apparently love blossomed between the two some weeks ago. But now all is over for Upen. 
Coming back to Deepika, now the buzz in Bollywood is that Deepika who has fetched a Yash Raj Films and another top banner film is all due to her sexual favors to Aditya Chopra. This again ignited another controversy as Rani Mukerji who is planning to marry Aditya is now considering her decision again. 
So, Deepika Padukone and Upen patel sex photos are making the whole Bollywood Shattered and it is said that many hearts are yet to break.
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Telugu Actresses Saira Bhanu & Jyoti Free Sex Scandal and Charged under Prostitution Act.

Telegu Hot Actress Saira BanuJyoti Telugu film actresses caught red-handed in a Prostitution Case today on August 23, 2010. Saira Banu and Jyoti and seven others were caught red-handed in a prostitution case busted by Hyderabad police here on Monday. Saira, who played lead role in few Telugu films, and Jyoti, a supporting actress in many films, were arrested along with a woman from Uzbekistan and their customers from an apartment in the upscale Kundan Bagh neighborhood.Police Commissioner A K Khan has gone on record that they were keeping a watch on 60 personalities, including Telugu film actresses & vip's.

The police have not revealed the identity of the other arrested but sources have not ruled out involvement of some rich and famous in the racket case. Kundan Bagh is a high-security area having houses of ministers, bureaucrats and other VIPs. The Commissioner’s Task Force raided the apartment in the early hours of on Monday on specific information.The police doesn't reveal the full story .This is not the first time that a Telugu film actress has been arrested for prostitution. In 2009, Seema was arrested during a raid in Hyderabad’s Tarnaka area. 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Real Housewife Danielle Staub Sex Video Has Rocked Hollywood

Former controversial Beauty Queen 
now famous Danielle Staub Sextape Video Leak  is in the news again after pictures of her nipples were leaked online.
Danielle Staub Sextape ... Staub: Danielle Staub Second Ex Husband Video Thomas Staub or Tom Staub, met Danielle when she was still stripping.Star of Real Housewives of New Jersey Danielle Staub has been revealed to be the next celebrity to be featured in a sex tape by distributors.Danielle Staub sextape tape video is the most popular searches going on in the internet. So many stars having sex tapes released about them recently.Danielle Staub different sexual acts in 75mins video footage. The tape was shoot last September, as source said. Staub has faced number of problem with the law in the past ten months. She has two children & has previously been charged with extortion and cocaine possession.

A representative from Hustler tells us the tape was shot last September -- several months after 47-year old Staub first appeared on the Bravo reality show .The representative  who recently penned her autobiography, fittingly titled "The Naked Truth"  had no comment on the  film.

Soha Ali Khan(Actress) The Sister of Saif Ali Khan Beauty Parlor MMS scandal

Soha Ali Khan the daughter of "Bare Nawab" Mansoor Ali Khan Padaudy and Actress Sharmila Tagore MMS Scandal  Rocked the Bollywood once again.The sister of actor Saif Ali Khan, Soha Ali khan seems to be the latest victim of an MMS scandal. Soha Ali Khan Waxing MMS is the most popular searches going on in the internet. Reportedly, Soha Ali Khan was having her routine waxing session in a beauty salon was caught on camera.According to a source Soha had gone to a beauty salon for a bikini waxing session. But a hidden camera attached to the salon caught her without her clothes on. Reportedly the video shows a salon attendant waxing her body and reveals the actress’ naked body.The source also reveals that the video was shot without her knowledge as she is seen completely at ease during the waxing session. The video has been shot in two parts – ‘before’ and ‘after’ waxing sessions. Rumor is that the MMS clip is in great demand and available for anywhere and it is sold in high price.
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Malaysian Singer Linda Rafar - Sex Scandal With Her Once Mate In high Speed Internet

 LINDA RAFAR is a top rated Malaysian singer.She is rocked for her  Pornographic sex  scandal. Shocking pics of the superstar doing oral on a man who is obviously not her husband. She not only use her mouth to sing great songs, but she also uses it to suck great dicks too. She is certainly a great artist on the bed, and I am sure her husband had benefitted greatly from her natural skills of wild sports.
I don’t know the exact time when the pics spread on the internet. I think her smile is beautiful. Her body  is simply fantastic for that.

The original scandal footage does not compels terms conditions  
Linda Rafar has sung a lots of great songs but people now started hated her for this sex scandal.

Nazril Ariel and Luna Maya Sex Scandal : The Biggest Sex Scandal In Indonesia

      Luna Maya and Nazril Irham
Nazril Ariel and Luna Maya sex scandal : Most famous pop stars in a sex video with other celebrities has captivated the Indonesian media and public for weeks.Three of the pop stars :---
i) Pop star Nazril Irham (nicknamed Ariel) has denied any involvement, but has been charged under anti-pornography laws.
ii) TV presenter Luna Maya and soapstar Cut Tari have also denied involvement in the sex tapes, saying the footage was doctored.

 some Muslim groups have taken to the streets in Jakarta asking for Islamic law to be implemented in the country.Demonstrations against the stars have been taking place since the videos appeared online.More than 80% of Indonesians are Muslim, and while it is a secular nation, most people are still largely conservative. "Limiting access will limit ourselves", Government official said, adding that it may have some negative effects in society but that the positive also needs to be recognised.Communications Ministry chief Basuki Yusuf says the claims are ridiculous,"Democracy doesn't mean absolute freedom,"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sadia Jahan Prova Bangladeshi Hottest Asian Models' Sex Scandal Video Rocks Bangla Modeling Industry.

Sadia Jahan Prova was born in  13 th February 1988 in Bangladesh.She is a student of BBA.She has started her carrier as a Model of advertisements.Later She started to play drama as well as Acting in movie.Recently she comes to limelight for her sex scandal with Ex boy friend Rajib.
Sadia Jahan Prova Bangladeshi Superstar TV Actress and her eX BoyFriend Rajib Sex Scandals.Revenge of the ex BF after being dumped...The photos 

Sadia Jahan prova  has denied the exclusive belongs' to her but she admired that she knows Rajib .

Kim Kardashian Sex Scandal Tap With Ray J Rocks Modeling Industry

Kimberly Noel Kardashian was born in October 21, 1980 in Los Angeles, California, U.S..She is a Indonesian decent so she is called Asian Models. Kardashian’s late father was OJ Simpson’s defense attorney Robert Kardashian.She is widely known for a sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J and her role on the E! reality series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars and made guest appearances on America's Next Top Model as well as CSI:NY.In early 2007-2010, a sex tape hit the Internet starring Kardashian and boyfriend at the time, Ray J, little brother to Brandy Norwood. Although Kardashian admitted to the existence of the tape before it went public, she denied orchestrating the release of the tape for profit, claiming "I don’t need the money." Adult film company, Vivid Entertainment, purchased the tape from an unknown source for $1 million, and reportedly plans to release the tape on DVD before February 28, 2007, under the title Kim Kardashian Superstar. The tape has also been posted on, and can be seen for a fee.

Kim Kardashian’s 28th birthday saw her celebrating with boyfriend Reggie Bush at the Alabama medical center this year when he was hospitalized with a knee injury. But determined not to completely miss the big day, Kim and Reggie celebrated a few days later, hosting a party at LAX nightclub inside Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, along with sisters Kourtney and Khloe.
 Kim Kardashian later dropped the suit and settled with Vivid Entertainment for $5 million.