Sunday, August 22, 2010

Godman Scandal : Swaminityananda sex Scandal with Ranjita proved True

Recently in SUN NEWS a video had been released featuring Swami Nithyanandha in which Nithyananda was having a secret sexual affair with an south Indian actress. After several views it was confirmed. Swami Nithyananda, a so called spiritual preacher to the outside world was today caught in the video clip which showcased that Swami Nithyananda had a sexual affair with an unknown Tamil actress whose face was masked in the video. This was a shocking video for the entire people who believed him as a real spiritual person for all these years and revealed his hidden stuffs. The video clip triggered many questions about him, his background and real life style. Its really hard to believe any Guru these days. The video clearly explains that Nithyananda is a fraud like most other spiritual culprits, also the video shows Nithyanandha taking drugs and sleeping with the actress. Already there were several news regarding Nithyananda charging too much for spiritual retreat and camps. Now the recent video had caused a terrible heart break to most of his followers. Its high time people stop believing in such fraud people anymore.

Nithyananda admits his relationship with Ranjitha

After a lot of controversies and allegations, Swami Nithyananda, who was said to be in Haridwar attending Kumba Mela, has admitted his presence in the sex video with actress Ranjitha. In an interview to Times Now, Swami Nithyananda came up with the statement that he was in the video but some part of it is morphed. He also added that he is not trying to run away from the law.
It all started off when the sex scandal video of Swami Nithyananda along with the actress Ranjitha came out on March 2. It was aired by Sun TV. Soon after the video was out both Nithyananda and Ranjitha were missing. Their missing added more flavour to the story and lots of havoc took place in and around his ashram. Later his spokesman conducted a press meet where he said that all answers will be made by Nithyananda himself when he comes after the Kumba Mela.
In the interview with Times Now, he said that he has seen the heights of fame and name and he knows the ups and downs in his life. Swamiji admitted that Ranjitha was his devotee since very long time and added that she is and still will be his devotee. He complained that his personal life was very much misinterpreted and he feels very sad and does not want to make any more comments unless the truth comes out. He said that a part of the video has his presence but later on it is morphed. He said that the video has been forwarded for further research and he does not wish to make any comments before that.
Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda said that Ranjitha and her family were his devotees since very long and Ranjitha was there with him since he was sick, looking after him. He said that he did not ask her to do the same but she voluntarily did it. But to wind up, he said he believe that in life where he do not have any lust and that he do not have any need for the other person.

‘I just offered seva to Swami’: Ranjitha

Tamil actress Ranjitha justifies her acts in an interview with a Tamil website. Says her service was motivated by devotion to the godman
Tamil actress Ranjitha, who went into hiding after being caught on camera while indulging in sexual acts with Swami Nityananda, finally come to fore yesterday.Clearing her stand, she justified her acts by saying that she was just giving her ‘offerings’ to the godman.
‘True devotee’
In an interview to a Tamil website, Ranjitha said that she has known Nityananda for quite some time and is grateful to him for curing her wheezing trouble in just a day.
A video still that allegedly shows actress Ranjitha and Swami Nityananda indulging in acts of intimacy.The actress said, “The media has unnecessarily blown the issue out of proportion. I know swamiji for the past few years and my association with him is quite transparent.

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  1. this type of behavior by swamijis should be condemed by all section of society